Alternative Method for Dues Payment
Having trouble coming up with the full funds to pay your dues? Wondering how you can make ends meet, but you still value your membership in Scottish Rite? There is an alternative way to ease dues payment in your Scottish Rite; it’s called ACH.

Automated Clearing House (aka) or Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Is a network of financial institutions that facilitate the electronic transfer of funds and bill payments. This allows you to make payments for dues, life memberships or endowed members by withdrawing a preset amount from a members checking or savings account into a Valley account on a pre-determined date each month. More and more payments are being made in this manor, such as insurance. This is a proven method that is secure and doesn’t have you pasting your personal information all over the internet. If your interested, please contact Sherry Kuhn in accounting or 513-421-3579 X 1100, and she can help you get your payments set up and take the worry out of dues payment.