Valley of Cincinnati Active Members

Active Members of the Supreme Council

M. Todd McIntosh, 33º

Active Emeritus Member
William R. Powers, Jr., 33º

Gibulum Lodge of Perfection

Thrice Potent Master
Christopher D. Burton

Deputy Master  
Jeffrey J. Root

Senior Warden  
Terrence H. Alexander

Junior Warden  
Alexander R. Steidle

Joshua A. Lansdale

Master of Ceremonies  
Gregory J. Hicks

Captain of the Guard 
James A. Pollitt

Dalcho Council, Princes of Jerusalem

Sovereign Prince
Ralph E. McLemore, Jr.

High Priest
Randy C. Adams

Senior Warden
Joe R. Troxell

Junior Warden
Tyler D. Harris

Master of Ceremonies
James T. Sizemore

Master of Entrances
Robert R. Stickrod, Jr.

Cincinnati Chapter of Rose Croix

Most Wise Master 
Robert C. Welch

Senior Warden 
Larry A. Gillinger

Junior Warden 
Tyler M. Perry

Daniel M. Head

Master of Ceremonies 
Lucas J. Rayburn

Captain of the Guard 
Michael A. Means

Ohio Consistory, Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret

Brent D. Gross

First Lieutenant Commander  
Cameron A. Shandersky

Second Lieutenant Commander  
Ross G. Sherman

Ernest W. Brown

William T. Mallard, Jr.

Master of Ceremonies  
Christopher M. Goodin

Engineer and Seneschal  
Andrew C. Clawson

Color Bearer  
Ian N. Kerr

Standard Bearer  
Nathan M. Trester

Captain of the Guard 
Aric E. Platt

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