The Valley of Cincinnati combines exciting programming, powerful Scottish Rite degrees portrayed with ritualistic and dramatic excellence, and the historic Cincinnati Masonic Center to deliver a lifetime of unforgettable moments. We are also pleased to offer our members access to Club 32, a space in the Cincinnati Masonic Center that serves as a hub for socializing and fellowship for Scottish Rite Masons.

The Valley of Cincinnati believes that the Scottish Rite experience is best exemplified here, that it is something we can all enjoy together, and that our fraternity is the best place in which to share your life with your Brothers. You can easily find life-long friends in the Valley of Cincinnati. It’s a place to meet new people, connect with other Masons from around the city and several counties in Ohio, experience history, make and strengthen family connections, and expand your horizons.

The Valley of Cincinnati’s membership is diverse, but members share common objectives and ideals. It’s easy to have fun in the Valley of Cincinnati and enjoy the spirit of true fraternity in an atmosphere that is made for fellowship, friendship, and camaraderie. Our degrees reset the moral compass and remind us of how we should conduct ourselves as men and Masons and that it is incumbent on us to have a positive impact on the world.

The Valley of Cincinnati also has the distinction of being the birthplace of Scottish Rite Masonry in Ohio. The Valley of Cincinnati’s four coordinate bodies are Gibulum Lodge of Perfection, chartered April 27, 1853; Dalcho Council, Princes of Jerusalem, chartered April 27, 1853; Cincinnati Chapter of Rose Croix, chartered December 27, 1853; and Ohio Consistory, chartered May 14, 1854. Gibulum Lodge of Perfection is responsible for the 4º through the 14º; Dalcho Council, Princes of Jerusalem for the 15º and 16º; Cincinnati Chapter of Rose Croix for the 17º and 18º; and Ohio Consistory for the 19º through the 32º.